Sunday, September 10, 2006

I left this morning for Goldendale. I am riding in the back with my half brother Jedi. He's alot bigger than me, but he seems nice enough.

I am aspiring to be like him, a good tracker. Right now I track cats, bisquits and shoes.

I met lots of nice dogs today at a tracking test. Lots of bassets, a golden retriever and a parsons jack russell terrier.

Lots of FBS (friendly butt sniffing).

I wonder if my moms will send me a postcard from the road.



Anonymous said...

Dear Ernest...

Your mothers really do love you, they just didn't want to you to have to spend time in Utah. You'll understand if you ever have to go there. Meanwhile, Scruffy really missed you at your house last Saturday. It just wasn't the same. He really wants you to come to mt. rainier in Nov. You will just love the snow. Brrrrrrrr...


p & scruf

Nazila Merati said...

dear scruff,

my moms bought a golden eagle pass, so I'm good to go.



Anonymous said...

Hey! Jedi is a cool name! I would so envy your brother!