Monday, September 07, 2009

They located the cougar! It was not eating arugula or wearing stilettos.

Phracey said there was cougar sighting near Rancho Oxboro. For some reason, Mama S. does not believe that Phracey's beauty and sheer speed could match the cougar's speed and lack of manners, so she's kennel bound.

Poor Phracey.

It has RAINED here. I am not amused. Nmom is definitely not amused because Uncle Dale is on vacation and now has to bend to my will four times a day and sometimes in the rain, its just not easy.

There is one thing I am willing to do in the rain -- eat a bone under the shelter of a cherry tree. My Evita mom did not raise a stupid basset, just one who is allergic to precipitation.

over and out, ernest the puppy

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wally said...

Holy cow. Seattle has gotten wilder since I left.

I believe Phracey could take the cougar. Though I bet she would invite him home for tea and crumpets like a civilized lady.

wally t.