Thursday, April 26, 2012


This blog is being taken over by me, Annie the beagle. I deserve more screen time than Ernest as I am much cuter and smaller.  I am a delicate flower compared the Mr. Thunderpaws and his side kick, Charlie.


When I go for walks I stop by and visit Ernest.  I often like to see what Ernest has left in his bowl.  Usually he leaves something. Does he not know there are starving beagles in Nepal?

Dumb boy.

I also like to hang out with Ernest's nmom. She is the nicest.  We talk about food and things that are pink. I like to take naps on the couch, but Ernest needs to keep his distance. Look at this wall they built to keep us apart.

Iron cushions

Don't tell anyone this, but I sort of like Ernest.

Annie, I don't care what you call me as long as you don't call me late for dinner.

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Anonymous said...


Please be nice to my brother and take care of him. I would hate to have to travel from the 509 for a talk, but I could do it.

We do like Beagles at Rancho Oxboro. Beagles are after all Basset-light