Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm back in the slammer again.

I hope I get to shack up with a really hyper dog.

They keep on leaving me and then returning. They claim its stopping soon, it better.

I have been very busy reading blogs about goats, dogs and cats. I think we need a
blogroll update.

later taters,



Tealeaf said...

Ernest, you need to organise your humans. We have ours trained to stay at home so that we never have to go the slammer.
Try rewarding them for good behaviour by eating more library books so they do not have to read them.


nm said...


My peeps have to travel, its part of their jobs, the problem is they travel together.

They need to get different jobs so that they can tag team.

I like it when I can go visit my sister, but right now, she's still in season. They are not trying to clone us.

I am rewarding them daily with musical bells, squeaking and jumping.

ernest the puppy

General Jackson said...

Hi Ernest I am still having trouble with some sites on my computer thinking I speak German! (Perhaps they think I am a dachound?)

Anyway I am trying again!

I am sorry that you are being sent to the slammer again! I usually go and see Luca.

my address is
General Jackson
14 Ross Road West
Falkland Islands FIQQ 1ZZ

Anonymous said...


I am now out of season, but my mom went away for four days to judge dogs near Medford and I had to put up with just a dog sitter! I am not happy, When Evita dives birth this month there can not be any visitors for awhile. Bad news!
Love you,


Kerrio said...

Free the "Seattle one"!

nm said...


I will come rescue you after April 19th. N.mom has ceased all travel until her peeps return from the last remaining axe or is it point of evil.

You can stay with me for a month and we'll return when we can all see the pups and show them whose really boss.


nm said...


Mom claims she's on her way!

Its not bad there, I have had a cairn terrier, dalmation and several beagles for dog jumping and rolling amusement.

Because I am "intact", I cannot roam with the rest of the population.