Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm back!

I had many different roommates - a cairn terrier, two beagles, a dalmatian, a cocker spaniel and a yellow lab! I had fun.

Apparently no one would room with the cairn terrier, but she got along with me. It must be my boyish good looks and my ability to woo my constituents.

I'm on the back of the couch now. has not removed the stupid bandana they tied on my after my bath. It must be removed before my next walk. I do not wish to be laughed at.

Yours in freedom,



Kerrio said...

welcome home ernesto!!

(see - our campaign to free the "Seattle one" worked.

Damn... we're good.)

Mony said...

e, it's always good to travel, and it makes the heart fond of home...let's look at this as a character-building experience
Trust me, I understand.