Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ernest's dream chair. The dreamcatcher from Stickley. Only 2200 bucks, not with the 30% off right now at Masin's fine furniture. is reluctant to let me have it. She is cursing tax time and thinking that maybe we'll just stick to free stuff on Craigslist.


It is bassety perfect, n'est ce pas?

The rockers are nice, but they rock.Which is hard on my ability to relax.

E. the consumer of such things.


Mony said...

E., how come you don't have that nice chair with the plaid blanket and ottoman? Huh?

Kerrio said...

I can't understand's reluctance. Surely you are worth every penny? Or do I mean cent?

Rockers are nice, but the addition of the pupmkin is cruel and unusual.

K & co.

Anonymous said...

Said "nice chair with the plaid blanket and ottoman" is frequently occupied by the basset in the foreground. In fact, the ottoman was added to allow for his elongate nature. But, there seems to be some sort of complaint on his part that it isn't well placed, nor high enough, for looking out the front window.

General Jackson said...

personally I like a chair that I can stretch right out on! Why not buy a really comfortable second hand settee and place it by the window which catches the winter sun. (Bassets are not fussy that way! Just as long as it fits)

Sorry about the remarks about your white face. As I said I think it looks very distinguished and the sort of thing a president needs!

keep up the pressure. I find soleful Basset eyes work wonders!

You Can Make It If You Try said...

Hi Ernest. You are a great looking dog! My two cats have a real thing for basset hounds (they have two in their life, but rarely come face to face.) Your colouring is really unique. I love your black head.