Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today I worked on my flat basset. It was hot and I did not want to go back to the car. It was fabulous. I did it in the middle of the parking lot. My peeps were not impressed.

I will post a video of my flat basseting once figures out how to take a video with her phone.

I rule!



Kerrio said...

a) videos are a MUST
b) flat bassets should be practised on freshly laundered rugs and soon to be cleaned sofas. And don't budge. Ever. Not even for liver. (it's the principle you see).

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You are so totally cool, I can hardly believe I've only just found you now. You do rule. I've been ruling for a while, but frankly, I'm growing weary of it and have been entertaining the idea of a dog to mentor ... someone who can not only fill my paws, but who has also mastered flat basset. Alas, I think I have found my predecessor and I can get back to dancing.