Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am free! I am the Seattle One!

I am exhausted. I had a busy basset weekend.

Moms went to the Farmer's Market and bought me my own beef soup bones and let me take one out to the back garden.

It was delicious and then they made sure I would let them have it without any growling. I let them have it, I must have passed some test.

Cousin Scruffy came over for the night. We played a lot. I love him and we play kissy face all the time. He's an Idaho potato terrier who lives at Mt. Rainier and knows lots of about National Park Planning. He's going to be my Secretary of Interior when I am elected president, but he may be running as my vice presidential candidate if he's up for public scrutiny.

He's so handsome. and Aunt Pat talked a lot this weekend about life, which is good because Scruffy and I get to walk together while they talk. taught Aunt Pat about the crunching of snails, Aunt Pat finally got into the groove. She sees more banana slugs and elk than snails, but that is what you get for living where you don't have a starbucks every half block and no cell phone reception.

Hmm, maybe that will change.

Anyways, I am tired now, so I'm going to spend the rest of the evening snoring.


ernest the bold


General Jackson said...

Hi Ernest looks as if you have had a good week end.

Walks,cousins and beef bones what more can a basset want.

drooly slobbers


Sophie Brador said...

As soon as I become an American, I will vote you. I am half Chesapeake Bay Retriever so that has to be worth at least half citizenship. You need a good campaign manager. I might be available, unless I win Awesome Dog Blog. That could keep me pretty busy.

Kyre. said...

Your babushka is wonderful! I bet it keeps your ears warm.

Kerrio said...

Hey E!

Our gods are jealous of your sofa - it looks MUCH more comfy than yours.

And Tealeaf sayd he really would like to play with your Cousin Scruffy.... how tall is he?


Jenn said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me !
Enjoy your snoozing.