Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yesterday I worked on bending the will of my people to do what I wish. There are lots of whoo whoo gurus who make lots of money doing this and end up on shows like Breakfast TV and Oprah. I merely think with all my might, creasing my brow and wrinkle my nose and usually it works.

They sometimes think I'm asleep, but this works even while I look like I'm asleep.

Case in point, Saturday afternoon after we did all their boring people errands - brow waxes, flower purchases, bakery purchases (nothing for moi), farmer's market and the regular store they took me home.

I thought they would call it day and let me relax.

They had different plans, a plan that involved a drive, a groomer and a dremel.

I hate having my weekends ruined by that.

So, I grudgingly went into the car, waited while ran some errands, went to the library and then came home.

She totally forgot to take me to the groomers.

It worked!

Other than that, busy basset weekend - Arboretum Benefit, gardening, bone eating, running around pulling out plant tags, hiding my bum and taking a few naps. My people assure me that other than one evening event this week, they are going to be my side, bending to my will.


ernest the magnificent

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Megan said...

Ernest, surely if you waxed your brows at home there was no need for the groomers?

Case solved....


Megan Deerhound