Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm in lockdown again.

Trust me, the moms wish they could send me to my sister, but since mom is about to pop the pups, the two of us may be too much work.

So, to the Academy I go.

Actually, I like it there. Dogs, love, chase, show jumping and a bath! N.mom promises to pick me up on Friday.

She better because cousin Scruffy, aunt Pat and Uncle R. are all going to be here this weekend!


the seattle one


Sophie Brador said...

The Academy sounds very important indeed. Have fun and enjoy the bath.

Kerrio said...

Do you LIKE baths e.t.p.?

strange... very strange...

K & co

PS Free the SEATTLE ONE! (again)

nm said...

Love them! Naked basset squirming around the house jumping on the couch!



General Jackson said...

Actually, I like baths too!!

It is a ball fighting with the towel, and I get treats!

Don't fancy the Academy though. Sounds like there is not much time for sleep. Show Jumping? Ugh!