Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ernest as a young man, April 2007.

I'm not as cute as I was as a tiny puppy, but still cute.




Kerrio said...

You are still cute Ernset, give me a mature hound over a puppy any day.

Re the brown ears thing... A lot of Bassets start of with black ears (well - the black eared ones anyway) and they often fade to brown....

Jackson started off with black ears and his are already brown - and if you look carefully at "Maggie's Way" you will note in her pup pics she has black ears. And now, oh yes, you guessed it. they are brown.

Forgone conclusion me-laddy-o

. said...

Oh Ernest,

I think you are cuter than ever! I mean, any ol' puppy can be cute. But it takes a true icon of cute to still be the stunner you are at a year and change.

And anyway, tiny little puppies do not make good politicians.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ernest, you are soooo handsome!