Monday, April 30, 2007

Ernest goes blueberry picking, July 2006.
Given my fondness for sheep and goats and other dogs, I have decided that we need a new sheep/dog hybrid.

I am now asking the moms about getting me my own Bedlington Terrier.

You think that will fly?

I got to see pictures of my new brothers and sister. They are very tiny and cute. I hope they get good homes and love like I did.

Moms are getting verklempt over the whole thing - tiny puppies and what not. I think it may be time to up their omega-3s that they keep on hiding in my food.




wally said...

Ernest--Now is the time to strike while the moms are in a weakened state. Get the Bedlington AND bully sticks.


Tealeaf said...

Of course - bdelington x deerhouds make GREAT lurchers.

Trust me on this....