Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Does my nose look bigger?

My mom is bored, tired and cranky. She did this tonight in Corel Paint Shop Pro. She got the great idea to sepiaize me from her pal JetSquirrel from Flickr.

Check out her cute bassets and beagle (honorary basset) here.

General Jackson's shorter and younger girlfriend also is on flickr. You can check her out too! Hi Roxy!

Its time for my bed time nap (pre-nap before bed). I am tired. I had to pay attention at work all day and I am now a big brother, so that itself is a tiring thought.




Kerrio said...

I think you look VERY distinguished e! Sepia suits you. Mind you - I think you'd look great in anything but paisley ;-)

K & co.

PS. Is "Sepiaize" an irregular verb?
PPS. This comment is brought to you courtesy of the passphrase... OEXZS. Damn fine word in a Scrabble game.

Mony said...

Whenever I get bored or cranky, or just insomniactic I check out your blog, e.
I used to sepiaize.