Friday, April 06, 2007

The better half, Ernest the puppy, April 2007.

I turned thirteen months today, so did Phracey!

They left me at home twice today by my lonesome.

This required bravery on my part.

I am tired from keeping a watch out for my people to return from wherever they went.

They are considering the purchase of a Ernest only chair so that I may keep a vigil more comfortably. I say, do it, and not let price be a barrier.

They told me to hold my horses, I have no idea how I would do that, but it sounds hard.

Ernest who is now recovering from having to stand in a chair for two hours.


Megan said...


Standing is over-rated. Lie down and wait and you'll last as long as me....

PS I understand that Bassets are as well endowed in the "stubborn" department as Deerhounds.

wally said...

What up Ernest? What a great name for a basset. I hope you get your own chair. Or maybe a couch?

I used to be a short-legged dog in the 206. Those were the days.


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You deserve a new chair, a sofa, a giant ottoman, a chaise lounge, a bedroom suite. I can't believe that after all these months, you're people still haven't figured out that it's all about YOU!

I do love flat bassett. You are truly perfecting that.