Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tiny dog, February 2007.

Last night suggested that we move my large couch to the front window for the summer allowing tiny bassets the ability to look out the window during the summer months when he is stuck at home during the day.

This would requiring moving the rocking chairs and chairs not suitable for basset vigils to the long windows that get covered up during the summer days (southern exposure and what not).

Cheap and easy (not really) to try. is not as interested as it may affect napping karma on summer afternoons.

I say bring get that furniture dolly and lets get cracking.

ernest destined for bigger things


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You just keeping working on those moms and you will soon find that you have all you want, including all you need. Sooner or later, they'll give in a get you that Sticky chair!

p.s. come visit my blog and see if you think that Sydney, the sister, was maybe part Ernest.

Kerrio said...

It's only taken me about 48 hours to work out exactly where you are lying there E.

You REALLY need a bigger chair. Trust me on this.