Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting my calcium, Ernest the puppy, April 2007.

I need to update you all on my days., they are pretty boring, but they are mine.

Note to G.Jackson ---I am not going grey, I do have white in my muzzle, but I was born with it. I remain a handsome dog.

N.mom is concerned that the tops of my ears are going brown. I think it is fine, she wants to keep me out of the sun.

Please advise.


My day is pretty boring. I get up, stretch and go out. Three days a week I accompany my n.mom to a lake near our house. We have to go in the car, but then I get to chase ducks, view wildlife and meet other dogs. It is about 3 miles around and she says I am slowing her down, but she doesn't complain too much.

If we stay home, I take her on a walk around the neighborhood that ranges from .5 miles to a mile, depending. I like to see what is blooming and see what my cat enemies are up to. I know lots of people and their dogs, so it is a nice walk.

After any walk, there is food.

I like most food, but all kibble tastes better with cottage cheese or some kind of amendment.

After that, there is squeaking, running around and then maybe a nap.

Usually, I have to get dressed (harness) and then we go to work.

Oh, don't worry, I don't have to use computers or attending boring meetings, I sit in the car and take a nap.

Yes, I am in a crate, but I am happy and so are they. Right now, it is still cool.

They check on me at 10:30 and then at lunch I get to go for a walk, my choice varies. I like to see different things, buoys, weather stations, the wetlands or the next door dog park. If I don't like the fact that they are taking me back to the car, I work on my flat basset.

There are lots of lawns at work, they are good for naps.

Then back in the car after some water and a snack.

Sometimes, they take me for a walk after work, if not I go home and make them take me again.

I average between 3 to 5 miles a day.

Dinner is a nice time for me to think about how to drive them crazy.

They try and eat and then I convince them that I need to go out. I have them trained to go out at my will.

We go at least one more time, usually to make sure all cats are inside. I spend the time between walks trying to lean into TH mom's lap or work on my vulture basset.

I usually start conking out at 9 pm. I get a bit crabby and start digging in the couch.

I can be coaxed into my crate for a bisquit, but usually after they battle with me to clean my teeth.

The next day it starts again.

I am tired just thinking about it!


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Kerrio said...

You're tired? I'm exhausted reading all that..... must be the longest Ernest post yet.

What's a "Vulture Basset"?
(things that make you do "hmmm")