Monday, April 30, 2007

Really the best we could do.




Sophie said...

Look at those sexy legs!

Kyre. said...

Oh Ernest, I am so so sorry that they took that picture.

I was wrong to have taken Ko's. I am repenting, going into rehab and then onto Oprah to tell the world how sorry I am.

No superstar like Ko, nor a Distinguished Presidential Candidate like yourself should be exposed like this in a national venue. Is there no decency in the world these days? It's just wrong.

And I am sorry.

But you do have a cute butt.


Mony said...

and the world media thinks panda porn is news...

wally said...

lovely. 'nuff said.


Tealeaf said...

fabulous. Utterly fabulous.

A truely awesome rear-end - not a wrinkle in sight.

Maggie said...

What a nice firm hiney!
Thanks for signing my blog!

Love ya lots,