Wednesday, May 02, 2007

With apologies to Ko.

After a good trounce at the dog park, Ernest and Henrietta both need a good scrub.

No chickens were harmed during the bath and the shampoo was deemed cruelty free and safe for all species.

Ernest does like his Khiels, but does not work for the company. He has been seen lounging around the U Village store, but only because they invite him in.


Kyre. said...

Oh Ernest! You're soaked!

How can dogs love to romp in a dirty filthy lake and/or a mud pit all day long, but when you put them in the bathtub with a little soap they act liked you assaulted them with a rubber chicken.

Poor Ernest.

In better news, photos of you looking morally decent through rituals of cleanliness will be excellent for your campaign.

Vote for Ernest, he bathes!

Kerrio said...

all ours hate the water. Muddy or clean.

a wet Basset... how cute is that? (or did I mean smelly?)

K & co

Sophie Brador said...

Kiehls eh? Do he have a motorcycle too? Bathtub looks like fun with a basset! Hey, there's a business idea! Basset Baths. I wonder how many stinky bassets there are in Montreal that need baths?

wally said...

Dude--Magnuson used to be my park! They probably still tell stories of the legend of Wally..