Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poor TH person/mom/will bender,

The seas look nasty, I hope that there are enough popsicles to go around. I prefer red myself.

If it gets worse, its okay to crawl into your kennel and not come out until it is calm again.

If you have to work, said the quarterdeck is a good place to curl up and feel like dying, the breeze helps.

I guess I won't complain about lockdown again. I have it easy.

e.dd who wishes everyone calm seas


Tealeaf said...

According to your mum's blog you are off for another holiday soon, you can be naughty in someone else's house.

How fab is that?

Not sure the GPS would look good strapped to a Basset neck. Give it a miss.


Sophie Brador said...

You should put the GPS on your mom.

Nazila Merati said...

You can track TH person/mom/bender to my will here


Anonymous said...

E-dd -

No popsicles, but lots of grapefruit soda. And butterscotch pudding!


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You are always welcome to come stay with us. In fact, we will be offended if you don't.

Bootsie said...

Sophie - have you ever HAD a Basset to stay? Its a bit of an eye openner.

According to the "Basset Owner's Survial Guide" Bassets do not obey, they "occasionally acquiesce"

wally said...

Ernest--wish for calm seas, indeed. It is friggin' hot here and I miss the 98105.

You're tagged, by the way, in the 8 things about me game. Details on my blog, pal.


General Jackson said...

hi Ernest, I know what it is like to be left behind, but don't worry it is great making them feel sorry when they get back! I am still working it after three days.