Monday, May 07, 2007

On my lunchtime walk, rolling after flattening, May 7,2007. Temperature outside a balmy 65 degrees.

It is hot today.

I am at home by my lonesome.

I am mastering the flat basset.



Maggie said...

Hi Ernest,
We're headed for the 80's today and yesterday mom gave me a haircut! I feel so much better. I'm ready for the heat now!

Love ya lots,

Kyre. said...

Dear Ernest,

The phrase 'flat basset' has taken over our home. And it has become a verb:

Jackson, the chow, flat bassets every chance he gets.

Chows are too furry to be completely flat, but he tries!


Kerrio said...

Funnily enough "flat bassetting" has caught on here too.

How long does flat bassetting last?

Sophie Brador said...

I believe that flat basset is soon to be an olympic sport. Gold medals for Ernest!

Jenn said...

Roxy sure has mastered the flat basset.