Saturday, May 26, 2007

My pal Wally has tagged me to tell you eight things about me.

1. My moms found me on the internets while sort of searching for bassets and sort of not and not really wanting one, but sort of wanting one, you know what I mean? I was the only link on the BHCA page for Washington that had a web page. When saw some of my relatives, she fell in love and sent an email inquiring if there would be litter expected anytime soon.
2. The email was received, but the reply email went to her spam box! I could have not been found if had just deleted her spam box without looking at the message headers!
3. My original name was Kirby, after Kirby Puckett. My sister's name is Phrace, after Mama Stephanie's favorite Aunt Phrace.
4. I am named after Ernest Shackleton, the Polar explorer. My middle name is Henry after Henry Hudson, another famous explorer. I go by Ernest, E.dd, Ezp, Ernest the puppy, ernesto, ernest-no, tiny dog, teeny tiny basset baby boy (well maybe not so much any more). My AKC name is Oxboro Miles from our home. I am named after a Cowboy Junkies song. Do you like them? My moms do.
5. I am afraid of cats, all cats.
6. I am really a lap dog, I love laps more than anything. I will curl up in your lap in heartbeat even if I weigh 50 lbs and stay there for a long time.
7. My has kept every email about me including my weekly correspondence with my sister. Yes, my sister and I still email eachother about our exploits. Maybe one day these will go into my presidential archives.
8. I am probably the friendliest dog you'll meet. I'm good with children, other dogs and people. I'll make a fine president.

Now, I'm tagging Roxy, Ko, and the General.


Blue said...

Hi there

Thats one of the best lists I've read to date.

I too love Bassett hounds, was brought up reading the funny UK cartoon Fred Bassett, all about a hounds exploits etc. Have just linked up with the General Jackson, so was pleased to find yours too.


Maggie said...

Do you ever do anything bad Ernest? I guess this means that you have no skeletons for the media to drag to light when you do run for President!

Love ya lots,

Tealeaf said...

Why do ALL Basets think they are lap-dogs? Us lurchers would never get away with that.



wally said...

Yo Ernest,

Good list. My ma ape likes the Cowboy Junkies as well. I'm more of an ABBA guy. Maybe I can make up a fake AKC name.

I believe you will make an excellent President. If you are looking for a Secretary of Defense let me know. I DON'T get along with everyone and I can be a bit of a bastard. I'm very good at defending myself--why not the rest of you?


Jackson said...

Hello Ernest, thanks for dropping by my blog. If you become President and Wally becomes Secretary of Defense, do you think you could find a job for me? Something to do with food preferably. J x

Ferndoggle said...

My Mom LOVES the Cowboy Junkies...and they're coming to Pixburgh next week! She loves to sing that Mining for Gold song and I always lick her face when she sings. Little does she know I'm trying to get her to shut up! (Shhhhh, don't tell).

Oh & I'm a lap dog too. But I'm only 40 lbs and that's just the right size for a lap.

Lola the little white Boxer
(who is named after a BARRY MANILOW song! Not cool at all)