Monday, May 21, 2007

A year ago, I was whisked away from my sister and sheep! I climbed over the mountains into the land of democrats, lattes, mancations, priuses, destination retail, strawberries, cats and the hearts of my moms and their people.

I love everybody!

Please tell me about your gotcha day.

Ernest the wise


Kerrio said...

Happy Gotcha Day Ernest!

Telling you about of all of ours would take forever......

nm said...

I have time, its still going to rain.

smooches to everyone, especially meggie moo.


Kyre. said...

I found Ko wandering the street one night. I called her, she came right to me and sat down. She stayed the night.

The next day I found her mom. Her mom hated Ko. Turns out Ko belong to her husband and he was in Iraq. She told me Ko was too much trouble. Too big. Etc. Etc.

I stopped listening after I realized she was trying to give away her husband's dog WHO WAS OFF FIGHTING IN A WAR?!?!

I took Ko right then and there. She brought me Ko's papers from her breeder. Told me about Ko's former life as a Military Police Dog in Training. Ko was too goofy, she flunked out.

When I got her she was just over a year and a half old. And now she is almost 5 and a half.

Tah Dah.

Ko's Momma.

nm said...

That is an amazing story K! What did the husband do when he came back and his dog was missing?

I would have freaked, after I divorced her bad ass.

You are good person for giving a celubutante a loving home and couch.