Thursday, May 24, 2007

It is warmish today, so I am under house arrest.

They say its for my own good, but I am not very happy.

I think summer will be hard for tiny dogs who don't do well in the heat.

ernest - back in black


wally said...

Ernest--I'm one of those dogs who doesn't do well in the heats. I could take off my big black fur coat but that's crucial to my 'tude. I miss Seattle. Its summers were not as hot for lil' ole me. The ma ape says it's humidor or something but I haven't gotten a single cigar, darnit.


Tealeaf said...

How hot DOES it get in Seattle? Sounds like you need to move to cooler climes to me, how about the Falklands?


nm said...

TL -

Anything of 17 degree C is warm for a black basset.