Sunday, May 06, 2007

Guest Editorial:

Nine Things that I, ( love about Ernest
May 6, 2007 Seattle, WA

1. The fact that Ernest trusts me enough to post his pictures of him in the bath with his chicken on the internet
2. That Ernest believes that one day he will run for president and win
3. Ernest at 50 lbs and 14 months still thinks he's a tiny puppy and will curl up to take a nap on your lap
4. That he loves his sister more than anything in the world
5. He can be trusted to guard the couch for up to four hours a time by himself now
6. He can use the internet better than most adults
7. In the dead of sleep I can remove his harness before bed and he does not snap and growl
8. At the dog park, he's a crazed running machine and can run for miles and miles
9. He's happy in a pack and being a solitary basset at home



Kerrio said...

Trade him for a dysfunctional wolfie? (you can hear the pleading tone in my writing?)

Maggie said...

All excellent pointers! Will you be running for president in 2008? You got my vote!

Love ya lots,

wally said...

Ernest, I believe you could be president and that you will do an excellent job representing the short of legs everywhere!