Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a no brainer

I am alive, just in Texas.

Smooching Tofu and his mom for making me the coolest stickers in the world. My mom is going to put one on her car and sending one to Mama Stephanie for the 509!

Auntie Mony has my final print for my buttons and tshirts. I'll send you the link when I can.

I am really busy kissing little girls who will grow up to be voters.

kissing babies
ernest the kissing machine


Sophie Brador said...

Wow, Texas! Ernest, you are working so hard on your campaign. Super cute photo. Did that little girl fall on her bum afterward? That's what they do for me. Do you think they're swooning, or just unbalanced?


Tofu Burger said...

TEXAS!!! Whoa! You are campaigning cross country! Way to work the little people...humans are always kissing babies, they always forget about the K-9 crowd. Get it... K9? hahahhahah


wally said...

Our polling data shows that toddler girls are one of your strongest constituencies.

If only they could vote.


Ben_Benjamin said...

Wow Ernest, you are now a pawlitician huh....we are having election here too. Mayb I should fight for a seat at the pawliment too.