Friday, February 22, 2008

Shameless self promotion.

If you email me or leave me a comment (better yet, I get so few), I'll send you a bumpersticker. I'll contact you to get your address. I can't think straight, its been a long week for me. Roaching in the sun, perfecting my flat basset and kissing babies.

sticking to you ernest the puppy


wally said...

Ernest! I'm very curious about your campaign paraphernalia. My e-mail is wallythecorgador at comcast dot net. Will you have t-shirts for sale online? My ma ape wants one to wear for when students ask who she is supporting in the election. She likes to be cagey.


Joe Stains said...

me me me, send me a peemail at josephstains at gmail dot com!!

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! I would love to get a bumper stick, if you would be so kind. I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards, so I totally understand if you strike me off your list, but I would really really really love to get a bumper stick, and I will think of some fabulously Montreal thing to send you in return. Maybe a habs jersey or something. Apparently they are a hockey team of some kind. I don't know. I just live here and eat the bagels, dude.


sophiebrador at gmail

Sparky said...

Oh, oh! I'd like a bumper sticker!

sparkybarky at gmail. ;)


bassetsdrool said...

Aroooo! A sticker just in time for our SLC waddle!

Tofu Burger said...

I would so wear the bumper sticker on my rain slicker every time I go out!!


tofu-burger @

Angeerah said...

I think Finnegan would appreciate a bumper sticker! If you are in Maine or New England, make sure to pronounce it pumpah stickah!


Finnegan via his mama



It's me Mona. We just stopped by to say Hello. I'm a hound too...a dachshund. The Mommy likes Bassett hounds & Beagels. You are very cute.

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