Sunday, April 06, 2008

Once again, the post about my lack of hair is going to be postponed because
someone believes that I, Ernest puppy have a problem with keeping four
on the floor.

Isn't that what all four paws is about?

Using them?

So, the last day they have not been letting me jump or put my paws up on them.

I hate them.

Now, mom logs on and finds this irritating dude who thinks he knows everything because he's on tv.

He knows nothing about why I jump.

He is so not in my cabinet.

ernest four on the floor at all times not basset


Sophie Brador said...

Never trust any one on TV. Only trust Bassets with blogs!


Mony said...

Oh, E., it's rough being a dog!

I am trying to convince Moses that no one wants to see his privates, even when he's prone. But he has such cute freckles he wants to show off.

bassetsdrool said...

The p's won't let us jump anymore either. So, you just have to wait and sneak them in on unsuspecting guests when they least expect it which is more fun anyway. . .

Charlie said...

Yeah, what is that whole "Off" thing about, anyway?
- Charlie

wally said...

That dude is totes lame. I do like the woman on It's Me or the Dog,though. I like strong ladies--what can I say?

My sissy had a four on the floor problem but is better if you ignore her. She hates to be ignored. So I practice ignoring her all the time.



Hi Earnest, Mona here.

Yhe Mommy watches that stipod man all the time too...she even bought his book as if that will teach her anything.

Yesterday me worked in the kissing booth for DROH at a Pet Fair and me met a buch of new dogs friends & me even saw some that looked like you but he didn't come over & buy a kiss so me knew it wasn't you. The Mommy is gonna do a post later tonight & naybe she took a picture of that other doggie.

Love ya ...Mona

Kerrio said...

Do you think Ceasar could help with KuBrin's farts?

Mack said...

How that dude ever get his own TV show is beyond me!