Friday, April 04, 2008

Moms were going to discuss my lack of hair on my chest this week, but I decided you
don't really need to know about that right now.

Yesterday the sun shone and bassets went for walks at lunch. They encountered labradors
chasing things and then went off for the chase as well.

to and fro

I was a tired basset afterwards and flat basseted 7888 times on the way back to the car.

Life is hard.

very reluctant to go back to the car

ernest currently putabing with the best of them


Sophie Brador said...

I think I cannot stand how cute Ernest is. You must stop posting on this block. My mom is threatening to get a bassett.


Charlie said...

That racing and running looks like fun!! I'd be tired, too, after all that.
- Charlie

Mony said...

E., I was a little worried you were going to be a canine Charter Member of the Hair Club for Men.
Shall we not speak of it again? Lets.
mony, and a much more Chilled Moses, who has just had a Pheromone infuser placed in his area and who has sprouted four inch curls on his backside and plumed tail

Joe Stains said...

dang you earned your rest dude!

Sparky said...

Man, you look pooped! Must have been a good day!


wally said...

Oh my dog. That looks like the most fun EVER. Do you know my favorite thing to do? Chase labradors. I also flat basset, in spite of not being a basset.