Monday, March 31, 2008

Word to my TH's colleague Terry and his guide dog, Dutton who is getting a Ph D.

Is he not a noble dog?

I didn't get to meet him, but his fur lives on in one of our basset mobiles. said he was a sweet gentle boy and I was a bit jealous until I realized that Dutton
not only has to help Terry all day, but at night he has to do homework.

Good thing I came into TH mom's life when she was just pulling out her hair writing
and editing.

ernest puppy ABE (all but elected)


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! In some circles ABE is almost as good as E. Maybe you can just be a sessional president for the time being. tee hee hee.

Mom is all gushy for Dutton and wants to foster a guide dog during it's first year, but I don't like guide dogs. My mom thinks it's because I'm jealous that I didn't follow a career path, but someone had to stay home with my mom, and trust me. That's work enough.


Sparky said...

Hi Ernest, I got your sticker today. Many thanks!


Mony said...

You're right, E.
Dutton is cool.

Kerrio said...

Dutton ROCKS.

But so do you.


Kerrio & co.