Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My mom is going to start a flickr group for Ernest sticker/t shirt sightings.

Stay tuned kids.

First stickers sent out on Saturday, already received as far as Appomattox, VA. Is that cool or what?

Um, I'm acting up for my birthday. I'm very jumpy and sort of moody at the same time. I refuse to eat unless my food has been altered with something - pasta, veggies, beef stew. I am being cussid.

ernest done with Vermont, off to Pennsylvania where custard rules


Joe Stains said...

We got ours today, the question is, where to stick it!

Anonymous said...

Here in West Virginia we were THRILLED to receive your sticker!! We're pulling for you Ernest. Just trying to decide where to place our sticker that it will get the most attention. Thanks so much!!

Laura Friend

Sophie Brador said...

E, Still waiting in Montreal. Haven't checked the mail yet today.

Act up young man! That's what birthday bassetts should do.


p.s. did you ever get that new chair?

Katja said...

My sticker came! I didn't even know it was coming! I was telling my family how smart n mom was to buy Euros before the dollar tanked (did we do that? No!) and my husband said, oh, you have mail from Ernest!

I'm looking for the right place to put it.

bassetsdrool said...

Super cool sticker Ernest! Mom will be sure it gets plenty of exposure on the Bassetmobile here in quite republican Utah.