Tuesday, January 20, 2009

when i am president

Hail to the Chief.

Good to luck to Obama and Biden, they have my number in case things get sticky.


MJ's doghouse said...

you look very handsome in your shirt Ernest.....very handsome

Stella said...

Its furry good that you are willing to help Obama and Biden out, if necessary.

I think all of us Dogs should sign up to help them!


Joe Stains said...

Us dogs totally have the type of intuition needed for a job like being President. I think they definitely need to give you a call, if anything, just to borrow that stylish shirt.

apple + chelsea said...

You'z would be great help!!

<3 Apple

Mony said...

E. you may be called up to introduce the First Puppy to the bell. Imagine yourself on Air Force One, window seat.

Tobi said...

Ernest, you are a true patriot!