Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shadow the VET tech did not pan out so I am at the hoosegow again.

I wonder if they can use me there as model prisoner, no doubt as I spend YEARS of my short life there.

Next week I will be 35 months old. I will be able to run for president for sure.

Today my THmom worked from home. She was not paying attention to ME instead she paid attention to the teleconference she was having. I made sure there was a percussion section. I played the Poochie Bells. I have first seat in the Poochie Bell Orchestra. Either that or I am going be really good at tetherball when they install the pole and put the ball down to my level.

They promise me a reprieve for a bit next week and then something about going to a wedding. I am not invited and that makes me mad. My Uncle is getting married and I am so excited because I am in love with my new Aunt! She appreciates me for my athletic prowess and ability to go on 4567 walks a day. I hope I make a good cousin too! I will pick up all cheerios so no one has to bend over.

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inmate number 35077


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are locked up again. I do not think that frequent incarcerations will look good on the campaign trail.
Maybe next time (after the wedding) you could come and visit me again. Most of the snow is gone!



Joe Stains said...

Sorry you are once again a prisoner. I hear Obama is closing GITMO, maybe you can talk to him about closing your prison so the Mom's aren't able to go anywhere ever again unless they take you?

MJ's doghouse said...

I am with joe are spending more time in the joint probably thatn michael vicks...I amgoing tgo see how we can busy you out....where there is a pitty there is a way...see ya soon...shhh

Stella said...

I am new to your blog, Ernest, and I am Wondering what you do to wind up in the slammer alot. Do they feed you good? Do they give you exercise? Allow visitors?

I send you best wishes but remembering when I was in the slammer for 3 months.!