Tuesday, February 03, 2009

home again

I am back from lock down. I will be back at the slammer in a few days, things will change when dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin and my upgrade clears before yours.


I had a great time in the hoosegow according to the intelligence nmom received while flomphing on a beach in Hawaii. I roomed with a Portugese Water Dog named Lily and we had a blast.

On my return the moms and grand pere noticed that I am a bit bigger than before..so they are trying to up my vegetables and cutting down my kibbleables.

this is what the dogs dinner really looks like


Then they show me this picture of me as a tiny puppy eating a squash!


My tastes have matured since then.

ernest basset out on good behavior


chelsea + apple said...

I'z heard that Hawaii is strict on dogs and cats moving in and stuff. Is that true?

Good luck with the veggies!! :3

<3 Apple

Joe Stains said...

dude, you gotta demand some broccoli, at least then you will make some super powerful farts. cauliflower works well too. Sorry you are back on lockdown soon my friend, did your Mom ever get her choos?

Stella said...

Glad you had fun in the hoosegow. Its always great to get a good matey to hang out with.

Good luck for future incarcerations!


Tee said...

Wooo I like apples!

You're one cute looking basset.

Licks and Wags,

TUffy of Dog WOods