Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm in the 509. I have been since Saturday. My secretary is very bad at updating you on my life.

Well, I am fine! I am running around and I am helping in the lambing!

I am never coming home.

My moms are off flitting around again. I better get a post card and a squeaky Eiffel Tower out of it.

ernest le chien le plus meilleur


bassetsdrool said...

Lambing time is SOOOOO fun for dogs! Ooooh, miss my days on the farm - have fun!!

Joe Stains said...

OOH LA LA. Who needs paris, I mean, we got the best thing they ever made... FRENCH FRIES!!

Mony said...

you just need a FoxFire book, a copy of The Incredible Journey and some long underwear from Patagonia, not cotton, thank you very much