Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is my 366th post. If my mom was a decent sort, I would be at 900 posts, but well, you know, she's BUSY.

This weekend she cavorted with Jack.


I think she would have taken him home if she could.

They both cavorted with bbq and didn't bring home anything I could eat. They are still the meanerest.

I know I owe a bunch of you blog replies, but currently my reader is busy and promises me that tomorrow night will be about my catching up with all of you.


ernest the tired


Joe Stains said...

You can't let those humans out of your sight for a minute or they will cheat on you and they will cover themselves in delicious foodables and never bring you ANY. My humans are going back to Holland in November and I am guessing I will get ZERO bites of delicious cheese when they get back.

Stella said...

Oh, now remember to count your blessing. At least you are at home and not in jail. But not bringing foodables is really unforgivable.


Tina. said...

Is Jack a bloodhound. Anyway very adorable! And don't be jealous Ernest, there is plenty of love to go around!

Mony said...


Anonymous said...

Jack is an 8 week old bloodhound.

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, This is why mom loves twitter. She just doesn't have as much time for blogging anymore. If everyone would just twitter, life would be fabulous!


p.s. YOu must get a bloodhound. That dude is super cute.

wally said...

Cavorting with barbeque? That sounds like heaven.

wally t.

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Oh BBQ without Ernest sound tasteless!!!!!!

slurpy licks,