Sunday, March 22, 2009

on the search for wally's ma ape
Locked down again. Why? Because the moms are in Vegas baby for a meeting or something they say.

This meeting was to feature a sighting of the famous Ma Ape. They were all at the same meeting last year and though they put up a note for her (see above). She might have been on a panel doing something important or she could have also been in a bar, who knows.

Anyways, budget crises and whatnots have kept her at home with Wally, OscarBean and the lovely Ethel.

And, as you well know, when there is a meeting, I go to LOCKDOWN.

As usual, I ignored THmom when she dropped me off.

I will ignore Nmom when she picks me up. I will then mope for hours on my return.

Next year Wally, there will be an ape-fest closer to you -- in DEE CEE.

ernest puppy platinum status prisoner/ number 13375 or something like that


Stella said...

Lay it on thick when they get home, Ernest. A shameful thing to put a dog in prison for a trip to Vegas.

Keep your chin up!


wally said...

And Ernest, I should be in my new White House digs by then. Come on by and we can graze in the garden.

wally t.

MJ's doghouse said...

wow do spend alot of time in the clinc...i thougth that wsa only for bad people...i have never ever been to the clinc...(my mom thinks that word i funny ..i think she is sometimes a little strange..) i never get to get on a seperate makes me have babysitters at my own house...

Joe Stains said...

You must have your own cell over there by now fully decorated and ready for your arrival!! Give them the MAJOR cold shoulder when they get home dude

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest! I remember that. Was that a whole year ago? Too bad Wally's Ma Ape couldn't make it this time.