Friday, April 03, 2009

Caught in mid roach


The weather has not been very lovely the past few days. I have looked disgusted every time I have been forced off the porch to do my civic duties. I have been hiding underneath my comforters or on TH mom's lap.

Nmom went to Paris again for the day and all I got this time was a walnut roll from the Marche Biologique. Lovely as it was, it seemed a bit defective. Could she have not picked me up a roasted chicken? A Poulet de Bresse? A small hunk of lamb?

Sacre Bleu!

Now, I am driving THmom crazy by jumping into her face while she tries to chill with the paper. Doesn't she realize that the physical paper is so 21st century.

Well, the bell has been rung. Nmom must take me out for the 89th time tonight.

ezp sonnez la sonnette svp


Sophie Brador said...

Paris for the day? You're mom is too much.


Joe Stains said...

Sheesh, the only place my Mom goes for the day is work, how boring is that. She could have at least brought you a big hunk of stinky cheese!!

wally said...

Oh Ernest. What life you and your moms live. While there are many wonderful things your mom could have brought back from Paris, I'd imagine the entire country of France would have rejoiced had she taken you to them.

wally t.