Monday, April 13, 2009


This past week I spent most of my time wondering why my food rations have been cut down and why they have yet to get me my own chicken. Hey, Nmom I am on to you.

I understand they are a lot of work. I also understand that Mama S wants chickens too. I asked if I could bring my chicken with me when I came to visit. I have not heard the final word.

Nmom is reading a book about a guy who lives off the grid in New Mexico with an ipod and a cell phone. He procures to goats for milk and cheese. Nmom is thinking that goats may be the way to go, but believes they may be outlawed within the grid.

Other than that, I have been busy fighting the good fight and trying really hard to get more biscuits during the day. Sophie and her mom sent us a really nice package of runny raspberry jams from Quebec and some delicious boar biscuits with pear glaze. Ooh lala. Thanks Sophie. My Tmom says she'll return the favor again when she goes to Montreal this fall.

I am also doing a lot of napping and then running around with my squeaky at all hours. My latest squeaky is a lovely green pepper named "Pierre" that the mom's bought me in Paris a few weeks ago.

I hope they find me some bonios in Milan.

ernest the good and squeaky


Sophie Brador said...

Pierre!!! That is very funny. I'm with you on the chicken thing Ernest. It had occurred to me to lobby for my own chicken, but it's a brilliant idea. In fact, I'm thinking I might lobby for a turkey. I hope the moms like the jams and the boy likes the bison.


wally said...

I would maybe like my own rabbit. But I'm afraid I would like him too much to eat him. Is there some sort of animal who could make jams and those pear biscuits?

My ma ape could, I suppose, were she not so worthless.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

Chickens make eggs, which are delicious. I don't see why you don't have one yet?? Pierre sounds fun, plus I hear peppers are great in omelets. See how that all works together???

John Thomas said...

Yo Ernest! I'm Caper. My Lmom is playing her new electric piano. She won't let me chew the cords. Phooey. I have lots of chew toys but the cords taste the best. Jpop's cords are yummy too. Photo's soon.
MF saz hi!
Lu-ma e J-pop second momma-franny's hello. Caper is racing around and has eaten all the tails off of all her toys. She thinks that this worlds is build around her, and well, of course it is! Her pillow is my pillow *if she wants to share* sweet dreams from all.