Monday, April 06, 2009


I have been a super duper good boy! It was warm this weekend and I made sure that all walks involved at least one roaching event.

I have even been working on my stop, drop and roach drill. Not all roaching requires a nice soft lawn or meadow. I am hardening myself for being a more urban or desert dog by learning to roach on the sidewalk.

The moms say that I remind them off their dearly departed Roya kitty who rolled all summer long. She was mostly white, but spent most of the summer sort of gray. I still think all cats are weird.

I am also curious what living with a chicken would be like. Could I handle their loudness? Would they steal my kibbleables? Could they be chased for exercise? Could we get a cow instead or a goat for cheese and ice cream? Why do we not have an artisan baker on staff?

Could we please get one?

Do any of you have your own chicken?

ernest sunnyside up


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, My nickname is Chicken. I could come live with you. Especially if you also get an artisan baker on staff.


Anonymous said...

Mama Stephanie is trying to persuade Papa Joe to get chickens! By the way, there are four new mistake lambs so far this week. Only one girl.


Tobi said...

Hi Ernest... as usual I am impressed by the sheer volume of STUFF that you ponder. A goat or a cow sounds like a great idea because you wouldn't need a lawn mower and you could cheese all the time. However, i don't think either one of them is a fun companion. I know for a fact that goats eat paper and a cow would more than likely just stand and stare at you.

Joe Stains said...

As luck would have it, Tanner is a highly trained baker. Really. He is also a chicken, honest. Where do I send him?

wally said...

I do occasional urban roaching but mostly stick to grass or rug-based surfaces.

My GraNE used to work with chickens and she does not recommend them. I, however, highly enjoy their backs with great aplomb.

wally t.

Tina. said...

We love our chickens in fact our mum just got 25 more peeps. We love the egg scrambles. Sampson would love to chase the hens but mum has a strong chicken yard so he can only lay in the grass and look at them. But he is a young pup yet so what do you expect. I am sure that you Ernest would be very protective of the chickens and if you dont get a rooster they are not loud at all.

sincerely, HoneyDew your biggest fan...