Friday, April 24, 2009

take that mr. bo!

I have been super busy this past week and none of it has to do with American Idol or the market. It has to do with Bo, the new dog on the block and reduction of carbon pawprints.

Bo, I wish you well. I understand your father reads a few letters a day and then responds as personally as possible. My nmom is writing one at this moment explaining my attempts at running for public office and what I planned to accomplish. She's not going to sound too cheeky as there is always 2012.

Remember, not all tropical plants are tasty.

I am trying to reduce my carbon pawprint. This is hard, especially if your lockdown options and your sissy are far away. I am asking the moms to buy me some carbon offsets.

Well, enjoy earth week. I'm in lockdown for the next few days.

Pass the harmonica.

free to be, you and me

ernest basset


Joe Stains said...

I hope Barack reads that letter and sends you a response. Probably one laced with a tiny bit of fear, 2012 is not that far away...

wally said...

Dear Ernesto,

I am certain that he will be firing up the campaign fundraising knowing what a mighty challenger you would be.

And also you might want to stop by Barking for Barack. There are some things you should probably know about Bo. I have some scoop.

wally t.

ps. My word verification is antio. As in Anti-O. Is this part of your campaign? Or just personal dislike of Oprah?