Tuesday, May 12, 2009

from his nose to his toes

Let's see since we last blogged the moms have been in either together or apart in the following locales -- Washington DEE CEE (Hi Ethel!), Milan (ciao baby), Brussels (sprouts, bleh) and Charleston, SC (hee haw).

So, basically, I have been left to my own devices.

Out of guilt I have received pasta from Italy, waffles from Belgium and water bottles from all sorts of places. Nmom promises me that she will remain with me for the next few weeks while Tmom pretends to be Jacques Cousteau.

Man, I hope she brings me back a squeaky halibut.

Mama S and Papa J are coming to town this weekend. I hope they bring Phracey.

ernest sleeping/do not disturb


Joe Stains said...

bribery would work with me too buddy. oops sorry, shhhh....

Anonymous said...


They will not bring me! I think that I will sulk.

Anonymous said...

Can you hide in the back of the van and be really quiet? At least until the Pass.


wally said...

Ernesto. Pretty unforgivable that they don't take you with them. In particular, it is quite rude to deprive the world of your company.

Wait, she visited my sissy in Dee Cee? Has she been sneaking down to visit my secret family???

wally t.

Seattle Events said...

Wally , you are right.