Thursday, May 28, 2009

in your face

I have been very busy today trying to keep the home fires burning. I worked on keeping the couch from floating away, kept the staff busy checking the grounds and used my big schnoz to make sure that squirrels and cats were not infiltrating the garden.

Tomorrow I am going towards the wayward bear --nmom has some strange ideas of how to spend Saturday. In this case, she's spending most of it on a plane to nowhere. At least she gets to watch Paul Blort, Mall Cop.

En garde

Yeah, I've been busy.

T mom reports no fish sightings yet. I hope she finds some to eat with her crackers and cheese.

edd - better than american idol and no reruns


Anonymous said...

E-dd -

We have concluded that fish are not stupid. Water looks like pea soup = no fish. Water looks like broth = fish. Their mothers did not raise stupid fingerlings.


Anonymous said...


We agree. We particularly like the young almon which hitch a ride with Juvemile Fish Transport.