Friday, May 29, 2009


Today it was hot.

I am doing a good job of thermoregulating and remaining moderately modest. N'est ce pas?

I am currently incarcerated at the Academy. I think mom is concerned that I may have not been happy to be put in the hoosegow as I LIFTED MY LEG ON MY BED ON THE WAY INTO THE SLAMMER.

I guess if you pee on your bed, you are stuck sleeping on it.


Other than that, I should be back on Sunday. Nmom is using the time away from me to walk 10 miles a day, fly to New York and back and remain lonely without me.

Tmom -- I have been good! I am always good. We are out of squashables. Please send some.

ernest puppy don't fence me in

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Anonymous said...

E-dd -

Really really poor form!