Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My most favorite thing in the world is to sleep next to a human person. By waking up my apes early enough they will curl up with me to keep quiet and in bed. It works nearly all the time.

I was a good boy today! Aunt Peggy and Uncle Peter came to visit me. Nmom even played a bit of chase the squeaky with me. I think she wants to buy a bigger house or roll up the carpets to make it less treacherous.

Gmere even made me a bit of chicken for my breakfast.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be warm. I see lots of roaching opportunities in my future.

Tmom -- have you found any whales or sharks yet?

ernest snoring please do not disturb and turn that stupid movie off


Anonymous said...

E-dd -

No whales of sharks. Not even many fish.

We did find roast cornish game hens and good cream of broccoli soup. Does that count?

Grey and smooth here. Which is fine.


wally said...


Your TMom lives an exciting life finding big fish and whatnot.

I like your sleeping plan. I like to get the ma ape up very early so I can get my walk and b-fast in before I go back to be. She loves me for that.

wally t.

Joe Stains said...

maybe they should just let you sleep with them instead ;)