Saturday, December 05, 2009

I am being starved.

For some reason, the food I would walk away from in mid-meal is now not enough.

I'm the same weight give or two a few bonios, but I am constantly hungry.

I think its the weather. I am vexing nmom by waking up, eating and then running out to pee and then running back in to jump under my duvet.

Can bassets tolerate booties?

Can bassets learn to deal?

It is going to be sunny and cold all week! My aunt Dianne will be spoiling me while the moms abandon me. I can't wait - sleeping with a human, getting 454 walks at my will and best of all treats all the time.

Someone please send me a Snuggie. Except that they don't come in Bassety sizes. I'll stick to my tecklebub.

ernest fit to be tied


Joe Stains said...

dang dude, you gotta save up some extra fat for the cold weather. Ask Tanner, the way he is going, he must be planning to move to Alaska!!

wally said...

You definitely need to put on your winter weight so you don't freeze.

wally t.

ps. Don't they make snuggies for dogs now?

Sophie Brador said...

If you expect your aunt to carry you in a snuggy, she better have a really strong back. Esp if you are eating everything in sight. I love eating everything in sight. I don't get the chance all that often, but when I do. Wow!

I'm so happy you are still such a cute, adorable boy. Mom wants to snuggle you. I could send her over. She's not a snuggy, but a snuggler. Does that count?


P.S. My flat brother would snuggle you too, and I think he would also love to be carried around in a snuggy