Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Handsome fellow
I am living up to my moniker - ett - or Ernest Tender Tummy.

I keep on throwing up my dinner - I think they call it the dog's dinner and usually its right after I finished it. Tmom thinks I am eating too fast. I am doing it until they feed me tiny minced up vegetables, poached chicken breasts and basmati rice exclusively.

They are going to try that four meal a day thing for a while to see if I will not regurgitate my food on the sidewalk, which in most people's opinion beats the antique Tabriz rug in the living room. They also think some pepcid AC, since nmom buys it by the case, this should not be a problem.

What would eat if your tummy bothered you?

ernest.tender.tummy.needs a snack


Clarke Thomas said...

my vet always recommeded white rice with a little water for a few days

Peppy Sheppys said...


Ethel has a touchy tum, though more prone to the dire-rears. When we have barfy spells we usually do the rice+minced meats but, in general, to keep our tums in tip top shape we get a little yogurt on our meals with occasional rice or oatmeals. And a little pumpkin. If the problem is eating too fast you might consider one of those Brake-Fast dog bowls.


Joe Stains said...

pumpkin! or just a pepcid. When Tanner gets all horky he gets a pepcid and he is good as new right away.