Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July from Ernest Basset who is no longer a puppy in the eyes of the court, but is a puppy at heart.

I am currently still under house and kennel arrest.

This means a lot of things.

I am banished from all furniture climbing or sitting for the foreseeable future.

I miss my couch

So are my apes!

I am relegated to the floor and beds that are too small for me.

No longer tiny

Please send help or buy me a bigger bed. (Note: E has a million beds, he just chooses to look pathetic in this tiny one, Ed. )

I am going to see my neurologist tomorrow. I hope she says I am fit for travel. Charlie is taking my favorite sleeping spots at Casa Beagle and I need to reclaim them toute de suite.



eM said...

hi e. i love you. four. floor. you are a big boy now

Lilian said...

So where do the apes sit...?

Nazila Merati said...

@lilian - Apes are now on the floor because they feel so awful about the whole thing.