Sunday, July 01, 2012

it is not copper river?

This blog has not been updated for a few weeks. Why? Apes have been busy doing THINGS that purportedly take precedence over my communication outreach.  (Note to ape in career transition: my blog presence may be the reason you land an awesome job, love, E. )

Well, to tell you the truth, the last two weeks around here have centered around ME! Unfortunately, not in a very uplifting and positive way.  I have hurt my back, badly. I ruptured a disc and hurt a nerve, and was very uncomfortable and scared the moms very much.  I am lucky because I could still walk, sit, pee and stand on my own.  I have had x-rays and a MRI and now my own neurologist. She loves me and was very impressed by my demeanor and general handsomeness. However, she is strict and told the moms that I had to be on kennel rest, with a few short walks a day, no running, no t-boning at the park and no jumping on anything. If I am careful and calm, I will be better without any surgery.

I am not allowed to do stairs for a while. Tmom figured out a route that would let me visit Casa Beagle without any stairs! We dined al fresco! I stayed in my kennel while  being tormented by Annie. Its not perfect, but it is better than staring at my the walls of my x-pen all day.

I know why the caged Basset howls

The neurologist stated there would be no percussive motion for a long time.  Does this mean no drum playing? How about the cymbals?


Feeling poorly

I will continue looking sad and dismissive until I get drumming lessons.

Ernest who knows why the caged basset howls.


eM said...

E. We talked about this. You are six now. Buck up big boy. Love, Auntie eM

Katja said...

Oh, poor baby! Get better soon.