Sunday, July 23, 2006

It is hot here in Seattle, not as hot as it is in Goldendale where my sister and my peeps are living in air conditioning. Its miserable if you are mostly black basset who insists on sitting on the carpet instead of the cooler floor. Unlike my sister, I hate the sprinkler. I enjoy barking at it, but getting wet, no thanks.

My moms are keeping me cool by covering me with a wet towel and feeding me frozen fruit. I tried mango today and I liked it. I even tried yoghurt in a kong and it worked too.

The one thing that I did that was especially interesting today was explored flat surfaces - the couch, the ottoman and the chair. I don't quite understand the appeal, but they seem to enjoy these places.

I guess I'll learn eventually.

Keep cool bassets.

e. dd

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