Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This week I am exploring my boundaries. I am flummoxed why there are barriers to bassets erected in the home of E.dd and his people. I am to be trusted, really.

It is my belief that mystical things happen behind the gates. Upstairs is where they keep the bisquits, carrots, the plastic water bottles, the strawberries and frozen fruit that they won't let Ernests get to. Downstairs is where they keep the rest of the stuff that Ernests need - beds, other dogs, kibble and toys that they play with and not let Ernests play with. In one room, there are machines that they insist on peering at and lots of books, books are good for teething. One day I'll get to see these mystical places. I know I will, I will just have to wait. I'm good at that, I wait at corners all the time.

It is also cooler here. I am a happier basset for that.



Anonymous said...


I am so happy that you are exploring boundaries. Have you decided to ignore the come word yet? I have done that a couple ot times and Mom gets very upset. I then get bribed with a treat! I think that I will never listen to the come command again!

Grandma Butter (AKA The Princess) got in big trouble today! While we were out on our walks, Butter knocked over the dog food container! She ate all that she wanted and I helped pick up the rest. Our half sister did not get a chance to help on clean up because she was too tired after her walk!

Hopefully when you are hear the Princess will knock over the food again!

We are much cooler now than we were before. I was really enjoying the air conditionaer but I think that may be off for a while.

Today I managed to get that pesky Jade plant. I did it for you!


nm said...

smooches to you Phracey!

I hated that jade plant and mom will be happy when she can replace it with something more basset friendly like a saguaro cactus.

Today they tied me up while they ate dinner on the porch. Okay, like I was jumping all over them. I was huuungry. They don't feed me enough.


E. dd

Anonymous said...

You want to be careful about eating too much, or you will look like our half sister!

We can have a lot of un chasing her around. Zelda;s waist is almost visible but she is still mordidly obese!

The air was back on yesterday afternoon!